Wise Care 365



Complete maintenance for your entire computer


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Wise Care 365 is a maintenance program loaded with tools that helps you keep your computer always in good shape.

The program basically allows you to do the following operations: clean the system registry, defragment and optimize the registry, protect your privacy by eliminating personal data that can be tracked down, recovering files that you thought you had lost, hide important files or folders, program the computer to shut down at a specific time, or free up space for general performance improvement.

The best thing about Wise Care 365 is that all this can be done in just a few clicks of the mouse and from a very smooth and simple interface where you'll always have all the tools you need at hand. In addition, the registry analysis' speed is surprisingly fast.

Wise Care 365 is a tool for completely protecting and maintaining your computer and will help you keep it ready to use as it was designed to.
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